Qinetic Launch Event

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You are invited to the official launch party for Qinetic.com! 

Qinetic is 'The Fitness and Wellness Network' aiming to make accessing healthy information and great connections seamless, social and fun! Qinetic does this by offering an innovative platform for individuals to connect with the rest of the health and fitness industry as well as others alike.

Qinetic's platform also provides daily video and written content from six key professionals in the health and fitness industry whom we've titled 'Qinetic Coaches'.

Q-Coaches include:

  • Nationally Recognized Nutritionist and Nutrition Coach Keri Glassman
  • Former Broadway Choreographer and Dance Fitness Coach Isaac Calpito
  • Insanity Workout Star and Women's Fitness Coach Ariel Shepley-McTaggart
  • Top NYC Breakdancing Fitness and Men's Fitness Coach Jameel Coleman
  • Former Chief of Medicine at the Atkins Center and Holistic Coach Dr. Fratellone
  • Elite NYC Yoga Instructor and Yoga Coach Kara Kerek
  • Official Chief Medical Officer for the Philadelphia 76ers Dr. Jonathan Glashow

So come and join the Qinetic Team and Coaches as we bring the site to life by offering:

- Nutrition tips

-Complimentary massages

- Fresh juice fusions

- Organic h'orderves

- Q Coach tips and services

-Professional photos of guests and the event for their Qinetic page

& Much More....

Hope to see you there!

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